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Body treatment

Body treatment

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Give your body care and rejuvenation through the service menu. Combined with some kind of massage will surely bring you the wellbeing you are looking for!


La Mer body animus peeling

Lighten your skin with La Mer body animus peeling. This treatment involves deep exfoliation with fresh salt from the ocean, mixed with Mediterranean herbs and lukewarm almond oil, helping to remove dead cells. The treatment is completed with a lotion that leaves the skin soft as a velvet. Your skin is rejuvenated and gets a glow that lasts.

* We suggest combining it with a massage of your choice!

Duration: 30 '15 €

Exfo-1 Body Peeling

Peeling in fatty form with salt in various dimensions from the Dead Sea with a composition of 98 active ingredients and citric acid grains. It also contains a high concentration of Aloe Vera for hydration. In this peeling there is no need to rinse.

* We suggest combining it with a massage of your choice!

Duration: 30 '20 € 

Spa choco therapy

The procedure starts with body scrub - granulating granulated grains to remove the dead cells.
Chocolate spread throughout the body, wrapping with a membrane for ten minutes to soothe the skin the necessary ingredients of cocoa and chocolate.
Finally, after a warm, relaxing bath where you remove the chocolate, make a whole body massage of almond oil or olive oil.

* We recommend combination body and face chocolate therapy: 100' 70 € (from 85 €)

Duration: 80 '60 €

Treatment Animus stimulating hip & thigh

After a deep exfoliation follows a detoxifying massage that stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system in areas that tend to retain fluids and show cellulite. Pressure application and lymphatic massage help remove toxins from the body.

Duration: 50 '30 € 





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