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Facial treatment

Facial treatment

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The person is the only part of the body that is exposed and uncovered every day throughout the year. Its skin is burdened by dust and environmental pollutants, from cigarette smoke, from ingredients contained in creams and make-up products. If all these pollutants are not removed systematically, the skin pores are closed, sebaceous hypersecretion is created and the dead cells that accumulate on the surface prevent it from breathing. In addition, if the skin is not cleansed frequently, any moisturizing or anti-aging care, if you want to offer it, will have no effect.


"Care is, therefore, the most important care of beauty."




facial treatment
The treatment starts with a gentle cleansing gel, removing the greasy and pollutant from the skin.
Then we continue with a pearl face with green clay where it contains natural ingredients. It regulates grease, detoxifies the skin while it has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action.
The treatment is completed with a face cream that is rich in vitamins and is applied by massage to rejuvenate the skin.
Your face will break out and it will be as relaxed as your real glamor will appear.
Duration: 50 '25 € Happy hour: 50' 20 €

Men's care

Men's facial treatment fights skin fatigue and everyday shaving attacks. It provides vitality and comfort. For a really restful and healthy skin. The result will justify you.

Duration: 50 '25 € Happy hour: 50' 20 €

Chocolate Face Treatment
If you think only eating a chocolate can improve your mood, then you are wrong. Chocolate facial treatment will not only enhance your skin but also provide healthy, shiny skin in the long run, also boosting your mood.
Treatment procedure
  • Prepare the skin with the soft emulsion that removes makeup, dirt and unwanted greasiness.
  • Soft facial peeling with cocoa, almond and eucalyptus extract, to revitalize the skin. Sea elastin extract helps maintain skin elasticity and consistency.
  • Hydration with vitamin C serum with antioxidant activity, where it stimulates collagen production. So we face skin relaxation and appearance of wrinkles.
  • Massage and cremation of real chocolate, cocoa butter and caramel gives you long-lasting hydration.
  • Finish with chocolate face therapy with a sweet chocolate !!

We recommend combining body & person: 100 '70 € (from 85 €)

Duration: 45 '25 € Happy hour: 45' 20 €

Relaxing Facial Massage - REJUVANCE

For all skin types, this special massage technique relaxes and stimulates all facial muscles. It includes neck, shoulder and head massage.

We recommend that you combine it with any body treatment.


Duration: 25 '15 € Happy hour: 25' 10 €

Happy hour is valid from 10:00 to 13:00 Monday to Friday except holidays.
Special rates for students and unemployed - 20%
* All facial & body products are from Juliette Armand. 



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