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Water is a necessary element for our lives. Oxygen is the second most important element, a source of energy that ensures longevity, vitality and good health. In ancient Greece the use of baths was a part of everyday life, a whole philosophy and a means of healing.

Massage with the rejuvenating use of water is the most modern form of hydrotherapy.
The hydromassage has a wide application. Hot water relaxes the broken muscles, so it is used to relieve muscle tension, sprains, waist, back, and neck pains. The heat of water combined with water pressure has beneficial effects on the body but also on a large number of conditions. Air bubbles contained in the water flow, come into contact with the skin and stimulate blood circulation, cardiorespiratory changes and circulation of the intercellular fluids. The jacuzzi is a journey into the area of ​​wellness and experience of the animus massage.

-The hydromassage has the following benefits:

• Jacuzzi increases blood circulation in the limbs and not only.
• It relieves the muscles from the stress caused by the exercise and the laborious work.
• Achieves muscle relaxation.
• Stimulates body metabolism.
• Helps remove toxins from the body.
• Helps treat rheumatic diseases and injuries.

In addition, the jacuzzi:
• Helps to fight cellulite and local fat
• Delivers vitality and glow to the tired skin
• Spreads the pores of the epidermis giving the opportunity for Deep Cleansing

The jacuzzi, however, also benefits our mental health:
• Creating a sense of well-being and relaxation.
• Decreasing drastically and directly the stress and stress intensity.
• Effectively treating insomnia and over-stress.

Finally, the jacuzzi is a pleasant activity that we can share with our friends or our friends.


Cost: Price per person 15 € 30 - For two persons 20 € 30


(Have body towel and flip flops with you)

The charge for penseta- bathrobe- flip-flops is 2 €

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