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Enter the sauna and sit and look at the grid with heated stones that release large amounts of heat in space. Where and where, it is best to drop a little wooden spoon a little water on the stones in order to keep the room moisture at satisfactory levels. After the necessary quarter has passed a special watch hourglass to keep from forgetting, go out of the sauna and stay about 5 minutes in the fresh air. Then, make a very cold shower and then wrap with a large towel.

This process can be repeated once more.

Finally, relax in the lounge and enjoy your tea.

Then we suggest you choose a 50 'massage where it will make you relax even more ...


Let us see, however, what the benefits of this particularly hot process:


* Fighting colds

* Fighting arthritis

* Ideal for elderly people (no health problems and with the doctor's agreement)

* Relieves neurological pains

* Helps weight loss

* Respiratory system (achieves the strong loosening of the bronchi)

* Production of collagen (heat increases elasticity and reduces signs of connective tissue contractions)

* Suggested for people with heart problems (following a doctor's advice) as they maintain a constant temperature and there are no fluctuations

* Elimination of toxins through sweating

* Decrease and combat cellulite

* Increase endorphins, hormones that cause pleasant emotions in the body making the person in a state of euphoria

* Fight allergies


To have your body towel and slippers

Cost: 8 € - combined with massage 5 €

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