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Hawaiian massage (lomi-lomi)

χαβανέζικο μασάζ

Time massage:  50’ 30€


The Hawaiian massage Lomi lomi is an ancient method that comes from the islands of Hawaii. 

The method and the characteristics of the specific massage are based on a tradition that dates back hundreds of years ago. The philosophy of this massage lies on the belief that the therapist, also called Kahuna, is merely an instrument of nature  who handles the energy that comes from the universe or Mana, which comes into them and following on is channelled all over the recipient’s body for therapeutic purposes. They are a leader – mediator of therapeutic energy. 

According to the hawaiian philosophy called Huna, everything in the universe seeks for Love and Harmony and that is what the therapist tries to transfer to the recipient during the massage, using not only technique but also intuition. In order to achieve this the therapist meditates and prays on a daily basis. 

Lomi lomi is an excellent way to relieve from stress and psychological tension.


It is beneficial to;

  • Tension relief
  • Stress relief (Anti – stress) and invigoration of the muscle tissue
  • Improvement of the immune, lymphatic,respiratory and circulatory system and relaxation and reinforcement of the muscle tissue
  • Relaxation of the nervous system 
  • Improvement of digestion
  • Boost of concentration and mental abilities
  • Relief from dry skin and arthritis
  • Relief from back pains during pregnancy
  • Reduction of fluid retention and symptoms of menopause


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