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Indian massage of head

Indian massage of head

Time massage: 25’ 10€ 

Head massage has always been an integral part if Indian everyday life. The legendary Indian head massage is part of the Ayurvedic therapeutic practices with a history of about 4000 years. It has been applied in India for more than a thousand years, passing through from generation to generation to both men and women and is considered to be standard service even in hairdresser’s. 

Indian massage affects both the body and the soul and the techniques which are used relax the body as a whole. Massaging specific places on the head, face, shoulders and back the bodily energy is balanced and a general sense of relaxation goes through the body. 

Indian massage improves blood circulation on the head and neck which in turn increases the absorption of nutrients throughout the body making self - treatment faster. It activates the flow of oxygen to the brain fighting the sense of fatigue and increasing the levels of energy. It also helps to toxin excretion reinforcing the immune system and promoting generally better health. 

The massage is applied on the face, which is very beneficial as it reduces the signs of aging while it relaxes the tense muscles of the face which can create wrinkles. It is also known that Indian massage can relieve from headaches and stress. It helps to the activation of microcirculation of the scalp, to further activation of the lymphatic system and the reduction of fatigue or pain in the eyes. Massaging on the temples and between the eyes you will feel peace. It aims to disengagement of bio – energy on the whole area of the head but it expands to the neck, shoulders and the rest of the body, too. 


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It is beneficial to;

  • Invigoration of the circular, muscle and nervous system
  • Increase of the venous and lymphatic flow
  • Reduction of stress and improvement of mood
  • Invigoration of the skin and the nerve endings underneath it
  • Increase of the joint motion
  • Excretion of accumulated toxins


"People who suffer from migraines, cervical syndrome and intense stress will definitely love it"


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