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Reflexology has its roots in ancient civilizations. The observation and the association of the natural elements with human was perceived since the beginning of its existence. Feet, because of their position in the human body, have the advantage of direct contact and communication with one of the main natural elements; the Earth. Due to this essential property, they were highly respected. Some ancient civilizations paid great attention to the good condition and care of feet. This occupation and human instinct led to some observations which linked feet with the preservation of health and self – treatment of the whole body.

Reflexology is called the science which deals with reflex areas of the body, specifically those found in hands, feet and ears. Reflexologists apply special relaxation techniques and pressure on reflex areas aiming to balancing, relaxation and activation of self–treating forces of the body (homeostasis) .

How does it work?

When some imbalance arises in an organ or part of the body, then the corresponding reflex area is influenced as well. Body chemistry changes and some dregs and crystalline stocks are formed which indicates imbalance. Reflexologists trace these areas and with the right stimulation try to unblock them. More specifically, reflexology improves blood circulation and cellular function and toxins are excreted from the suffering area. Moreover, natural analgesic substances are released, such as endorphins which decrease muscle tension and the pain stops. These special techniques on reflex areas aim to convey messages to the brain through the nervous system and hence the brain to take care of the desirable points.

It is beneficial to;

  • Better blood circulation
  • Invigoration of nervous system
  • Balance of hormonal system
  • Activation of lymphatic system


"Reflexology is considered today as one of the most popular supplementary treatments"


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