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Sports massage

Sports massage

Time massage: 50’ 30€   / 80’ 45€


Boost your performance with sports massage. Massage is essential to pursue championship and the most successful athletes and coaches are well aware of it!

What is sports massage?

Sports massage is practiced to help athletes recover after one or multiple tiring training's and injuries. It is a kind of therapy that helps relieve from stress and tension created in the tissues during physical exercise. It operates on the deep layers of muscle tissues using a variety of techniques in order to excrete the accumulated lactic acid and heal injuries of soft tissues. Soft tissues consist of numerous muscle fibers, whereas muscle fibers consist of muscle fibrils and tissues. When soft tissues are under intense pressure, then they are at risk of possible injury.

Sports massage is recommended

Before a specific physical activity to prepare mostly the parts of the body involved in it and maximize their performance. After a specific physical activity (1 – 2 hours), as the best way to recuperate and recover the function of tissues to normal levels. During the preparation – training to increase physical stamina, relieve from muscle pain and avoid injuries.


It is beneficial to;

  • Organism detoxification
  • Reinforcement of the immune system
  • Decrease of fluid retention
  • Invigoration of blood microcirculation
  • Feet rest and elimination of swellings

"Sports massage helps preserve muscles in a good condition, improves their flexibility and contributes to eliminate unnecessary substances which are secreted by the muscles through lymphatic system"


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